Bed & Breakfasts, Motels, Hotels…

Pine Tree Inn & Bakery, Panaca 775-728-4675

The Shady Motel, Caliente 775-726-3107

Rainbow Canyon Motel, Caliente 775-726-3291

Midway Motel, Caliente 775-726-3199

Wright’s Country Cabins, Pioche 775-962-5205

Hutchings Motel, Pioche 775-962-5404

The Mother Lode Motel, Pioche 775-962-5159

Overland Hotel & Saloon, Pioche 775-962-5895

Eagle Valley Resort, Eagle Valley 775-962-5293


Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Caliente 775-726-3564

Cathedral Gorge State Park, Panaca 775-728-4460

Echo Canyon State Park, Dry Valley 775-962-5103

Spring Valley State Park, Eagle Valley 775-962-5102


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